Partial or full dentures are the least expensive way to replace missing teeth and prevent shifting and overeruption of adjacent teeth, and uneven chewing forces on the remaining teeth. However, conventional dentures do not prevent bone loss, nor do they eliminate any slipping or floating of the dentures when you are chewing.

Even a perfect fitting lower denture will not work well when the gums and bone have shrunk to the point that you just can't keep the denture in place.  Implant supported dentures are a great solution!

Dental implants are improving the quality of life for denture wearers. 

Implant overdentures anchor the denture in place and eliminate any movement of your dentures, whatsoever.  They also prevent bone loss so there is no need to reline the dentures every few years. Most importantly, your chewing power and function will be significantly increased, almost giving you the feeling that you have your natural teeth back.  You can wear a denture and have the confidence to laugh, sneeze, and cough in public without embarrassment.  Not only do implant overdentures stay in place they also stop bone from melting away, therefore keeping your facial appearance and profile from changing.


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