Dental Insurance

What about my dental insurance?

Should you have dental insurance it is important for you to understand that any treatment recommended by the dentists is determined by their clinical findings and not influenced by your insurance coverage.  Your actual coverage for dental treatment will depend on the dental benefits chosen by your employer or union as part of your employee benefits package. Your employer or union negotiates with the insurance company to get the best benefits they can for you, based on the premiums the insurance company charges. Unfortunately the insurance company does not know, nor do they care what your dental needs are.  Professional responsibility dictates that patient care be the only driving force for treatment recommended and carried out by our dental team.  Although we will aggressively pursue all measures at our disposal to ensure the best possible insurance coverage, we cannot ethically suggest dental treatment for our patients based on only what their insurance will cover.

What does my insurance cover?

There are hundreds of dental plans available and even within the same company there are often differences in coverage for different employees.  It is impossible for us to keep track of every dental plan.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with the terms of your dental plan and any maximums or limitations it may have.  If you have questions regarding your plan, or are unsure of your coverage, please check your employee's benefit booklet, or contact your employee benefit's office or union.  Most insurance companies will not provide our office with any information with regards to your coverage without verbal consent from you.  To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that patients feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.

What information do you need regarding my insurance coverage?

Please bring your insurance information with you to your appointment.  We need the company's name/employer's name who provides the insurance, the subscriber's first and last name and birthdate, the group or policy number and the certificate number.  If you have secondary insurance coverage, please bring the information for both plans.  In order to send your claims electronically for you, we need all the aforementioned information.  If you have an employee benefit's booklet, please bring it to your first appointment and we will be able to better answer any questions you may have about your coverage.  

Can I just have my Dental Insurance pay you directly?

We do not accept payment directly from the insurance company.  We are a fee for service practice.  We will act on your behalf though, and provide your insurance company with all the necessary information to ensure that you receive the coverage to which you are entitled to quickly.  We have the capability to file dental claims electronically if the insurance company allows it.  With electronic claims processing, you will often receive payment from the insurance company within three to five business days.  Most insurance companies allow for direct deposit as well, further expediting your reimbursement.

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